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American West Accessories



"When Freedom Isn't Free" by Bruce Green

"Reflections of a Passing Day" by Tim Cox

"Flight'" by Chris Owen


Western Artists


Bill Anton
Roger Brunk
Norm Clasen
Tim Cox
June Dudley
Bruce Greene
Ragan Gennusa
Martin Grelle
Jim Hansel
G. Harvey

Framed Gift Art

"Grand Ol' Gang" by Andy Thomas


Wayne Justus
Tom Lea
Linda Loeschen
Thomas Lorimer
David Mann
Terri Kelly Moyers
Bill Owen
Chris Owen
Jim Rey
Howard Rogers

2014 Calendar

"American West" by Tim Cox

Bradley Schmehl
Mark Silversmith
Brett James Smith
Jack Terry
Andy Thomas
Bob Wygant
Framed Gift Art



Framed Gift Art

"Rainy Days and Mondays" by Thomas Lorimer



"Songs from the Gravel Road" by Ian Tyson

"Live" by Chris LeDoux

"Unwired" by Wylie & The Wild West


Western Music Page


Baxter Black
Belinda Gail
Chris LeDoux
Don Edwards
George Strait
Ian Tyson



Jim Hendricks
Marty Robbins
Michael Martin Murphey
Red Steagall
Riders in the Sky
Roy Rogers
R.W. Hampton


Sons of the Pioneers
Bob Wills
Tommy Alverson
Waddie Mitchell
Wylie Gustafson
Various Artists




"Smoky the Cowhorse" by Will James

"Good Ol' Cowboy Stories" by Jack Terry

"The Long Trail - My Life in the West"  Ian Tyson


Western Book Page


J. Frank Dobie
Jack Terry



Louis L'Amour
Will James



Western Horseman
Various Authors



"Rudolph's Night Off"

"Cowboy Mentality" by Baxter Black

"That No Quit Attitude" by Waddie Mitchell

Cowboy Poetry

Baxter Black
Waddie Mitchell
Red Steagall  



"Spirit Songs" by Bill Miller

"Ancient Power" by David & Steve Gordon

"In Beauty We Return" by R. Carlos Nakai


Native American Music Page


Bill Miller
David & Steve Gordon



R. Carlos Nakai
Various Artists





"The Tack Cabin"

"By The Lake"

"Morning Mist"


Western Photography Page


Bob Mills



Western Tack Page


Ron Silverman


"Our First Noel" by R.W. Hampton

"Cowboy Christmas" by Michael Martin Murphey

"Classic Christmas" by George Strait

Christmas Page