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A Cow Camp Christmas (CD)

I'm On My Way / Long Canyon Christmas / Jake the Rancher / Cowboy's Special Christmas / When the Parson Went to Church / Tumbleweed Christmas Tree / Church at the Wagon / Cowboy's Christmas Prayer / I'll Meet You at the Throne / Now That I Have Accepted Your Love

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Here We Go Again (CD)

Lonestar Beer and Bob Wills Music / I Left the Best Part of Texas in Tennessee / Here We Go Again / Somewhere My Love / Party Dolls and Wine / Freckles Brown / Early Morning Kind of Love / Three Cord Country Song / The Fiddle Man / Dawson LeGate / Bob's Got a Swing Band in Heaven / No Way, No How / Truck Drivin' Man

Circle D Western Price: $15.99




Born to this Land (CD)

Panhandle Wind / Born To This Land / The Wagon Trail / Comanche Moon / Dust / One More Lick / Dodge City / Ride For The Brand / When The Cimarron Was Red And On The Rise / Fort Phantom Hill/ One Empty Cot In The Bunkhouse

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Cowboy Code (Double Album) (CD)

I Was Born to Be a Cowboy / Ballad of Dawson Legate / Bandito Gold / Two Pair of Levis & a Pair of Justin Boots / Tight Levis & Yellow Ribbons / My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys / Deacon & the Dun / When the Works All Done This Fall / The Bell on Old Blue / Smokey / Sourdough, Beefsteak & Beans / Little Joe the Wrangler / The Code of the West Hasn't Changed

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Dear Mama, I'm a Cowboy (CD)

Dear Mama, I'm a Cowboy / I'm Sleepin' in My Leggin's Tonight / The Old Man and His Fiddle / The Blue Roan and the Kid / Forty and Found / Boley / The Lantern on the Wagon / The Last Guard / Failure / Big Texas Moon

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Faith & Values (CD)

Long Way From Montana / The Fence That Me & Shorty Built / The Narrow Trail / Paw-Paw / He Was There / The Real America / Rider On The Rim / Now That I Have Accepted Your Love / The Bay / Cowboy Church / The Big Circle

Circle D Western Price: $14.99




Love of the West (CD)

Red River Rose / Quarter Circle Y / Grandmotherís Trunk / The Day The Songbird Died / Her Eyes Are Bluebonnet Blue / Frenchie McCormick / My Pardner / Belle Of The Ball / Visalia / When the Roses Bloom Next Spring

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The Wind The Wire and The Rail (CD)

The West we know today is possible because of the windmill, the railroad, and the barbed wire. Sit back and listen as Red spins his magic with stories and songs that paint images of the struggles and survival of the men and women of the glorious West.
Includes 8 songs and 2 poems:
The Wire and The Rail / Texas Silver Zephyr / McCorkle and the Wire / Six Thousand Miles of Wire / Muley was a Railroad Man / From the Old Mill / No One but God Feels His Pain / The Code of the West Hasn't Changed / How Green was the Grazin' Back Then

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Wagon Tracks (CD)

If I Never See Ireland Again / Western Wagons / Through The Cumberland Gap / Gone To Texas / Weíll Stand Up And Fight / Out On The Texas Plans / The Last Buffalo / Texas Beiní Texas / The Yellowstone Valley / My Nebraska Homestead / We Danced On The Oregon Trail / My America

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Cowboy (DVD)
The Legend The Legacy

Singer, songwriter and the Official Cowboy Poet of Texas, western entertainer Red Steagall is the host of this inspiring one-man show. The special is taped in the front of an intimate live audience in the living room of Red's own rustic ranch outside Fort Worth, Texas. Red is joined during this dynamic musical hour by country superstar Reba McEntire, and Red's own band, The Boys in the Bunkhouse as they speak to the history and legacy of the American Cowboy.
Gather round the large stone fireplace and settle into the comfortable leather couches to experience Red's inspirational songs and poetry about the age-old Code of the West, and the values of integrity, honesty, loyalty, and hard work.
Included in this motivational hour are such popular Red Steagall poems as The Fence That Me & Shorty Built, Ride For The Brand, Paw Paw, Memories In Grandmother's Trunk, and Born To The Land. Also included are some of Red's most popular songs, such as When the Cimarron Was Red and on the Rise, The Quarter Circle Y, Red River Rose, The Day the Songbird Died and The Wagon Tongue.
'behind the scenes' footage added to this DVD format will take you through the process of filming on location.  Includes scenes of Red's longhorns and buffalo and horses, plus an up close tour of his ranch home. 
90 minutes

Circle D Western Price: $19.99




The Ranchers: Born to This Land (VHS)

Documentary hosted by Red Steagall. The men and women who work the range take great pride in their labor and enjoy the freedom to work together as families to make something out of their land. Houston Public Television traveled throughout the state of Texas to interview them at work in places including the JA Ranch, 6666 Ranch, King Ranch, and Lambshead Ranch.
58 minutes/color.

Circle D Western Price: $19.99




Sourdough, Beefsteak & Beans (VHS)

The history of the chuckwagon and romance of life along the trail relived in poetry and song by the top hands of modern cowboy entertainment. Starring Red Steagall, and featuring Don Edwards, J.B. Allen, Larry McWhorter, Waddie Mitchell, Joel Nelson, Buck Ramsey, and the Coleman County Cowboys.   
45 minutes/color.

Circle D Western Price: $19.99




Born to this Land (Hardcover Book)

A beautiful clothbound book featuring the acclaimed poetry of Red Steagall, The Official Cowboy Poet of Texas and the Pulitzer Prize winning photos of Skeeter Hagler.
128 pages including 75 black and white photographs, plus 10 poems, examine the traditions passed from generation to generation, while exploring the impact of cowboying on those who choose it as a way of life.

Circle D Western Price: $28.99




Poet Laureate '06 (Hardcover Book)

Red Steagall New and Selected Poems published in 2007 by TCU Press, recognizing Red Steagall as the 2006 Poet Laureate of the State of Texas.
Hardcover, 82 pages containing 32 poems~some never before published.

Circle D Western Price: $15.49




Cowboy Corner Conversations (Hardcover Book)

Red Steagall's weekly radio program, Cowboy Corner, has been on the air for more than ten years and is carried on 175 radio stations across the country. A major feature of each show is Red's interview with his guest that week. They talk about the West, about cowboys, about horses, about history. It is always a conversation between friends who share mutual interests and mutual acquaintances, and in the course of these conversations the listener learns about Western heritage, Western traditions, Western values.
With the assistance of editor Loretta Fulton, Red has compiled the conversations with twenty-one of his friends into a unique book that captures the flavor of the Western way of life. Included are interviews with notable Western figures Roy Rogers, Rex Allen, Reba McEntire, Richard Farnsworth, Ben Johnson, Jim Shoulders, Roy Clark, John Justin, Elmer Kelton, Wilford Brimley, Joaquin Jackson, Buck Taylor, and many more. Their stories about early days in movies, ranching, law enforcement, music, writing, and other endeavors create an important oral history of  life in the West. Hardbound 165 pages 6"x9"

Circle D Western Price: $21.99




The Fence That Me and Shorty Built (Hardcover Book)

Don't pass up this timely offer......
The latest inspirational book penned by Red Steagall, containing all of his poetry and music written since his first book, the highly esteemed Ride For the Brand. Contains musical lead sheets, plus personal photos and Red's own private thoughts regarding the inspirations for many of his works.
This new hard-cover book will take you back to a simpler time when life was a little slower.
Introduction by President George W. Bush

Circle D Western Price: $17.99




Ride for the Brand (Hardcover Book)

The poetry and songs of Red Steagall come to life in this highly acclaimed book, Ride For The Brand, published by Texas Christian University Press. Hand-lettered lead sheets provide a visual image of Redís music as well as the opportunity for readers to explore the musical accompaniment to  the words. With illustrations by noted members of the Cowboy Artists of America-Bill Owen, Fred Fellows, Joe Beeler, and Howard Terpning. Ride For The Brand is a fresh and unusual tribute to the cowboy mystique.
(168 pages. Actual size 6" x 9")

Circle D Western Price: $17.99



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