Ian Tyson





This is My Sky (2 DVD set)

This two-disc collector's edition captures Ian Tyson's life and music through an original authorized documentary and his first official concert video in more than two decades. The documentary takes fans on a musical odyssey through five decades of his career- from folk to country rock to cowboy roots. With the help of old friends Sylvia Tyson, Gordon Lightfoot, David Wilcox, Corb Lund, Neil Young and Tom Russell. Ian tells his story of soaring successes, surprising turns and a legacy of timeless songs. The collection includes riveting performances of some of his greatest songs (Four Strong Winds, Summer Wages), filmed at the historic Knox United Church in Calgary alongside roots rocker John Hiatt and bluegrass star Rhonda Vincent.

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The Long Trail - My Life in the West (book)

The Long Trail - My Life in the West- Autobiography by Ian Tyson.

A Canadian icon on his longstanding love of the West and his life.  "I live on a ranch about six miles east of the town of Longview and the old Cowboy Trail in the foothills of the Rockies. On a perfect day, like today, I can't imagine being anywhere else in the world. Of course, I'm not going to say there aren't those other days when you think, 'What am I doing here?' It's beautiful country and it can be brutally tough as well." Ian Tyson

Ian Tyson's journey to the West began in the unlikely city of Victoria, BC, where he rode his dad's horses on the weekends and met cowboys in the pages of Will James's books, and eventually followed that cowboy dream to rodeo competition. Laid up after breaking a leg, he learned the guitar, and drifted east, becoming a key songwriter and performer in the folk revival movement. But the West always beckoned, and when his marriage to his partner and collaborator Sylvia broke up and the music scene threatened to grind him down, he retreated to a ranch and work with cutting horses. Soon, he'd bought a ranch in Alberta and found a new voice as the renowned Western Revival singer-songwriter and horseman he is today. This book is Ian's reflection on that journey...


IAN TYSON has long been one of North America's most respected singer-songwriters. A pioneer who began his career in the folk boom of the '60s, he was one of the first Canadians to break into the American popular music market . In the years that followed, he hosted his own TV show and recorded some of the best folk and western albums ever made. Tyson is a recipient of the Order of Canada, and has received multiple Juno and Canadian Country Music awards. He tours constantly across Canada and throughout the United States, and continues to live and work on his ranch in the foothills of Alberta's Rocky Mountains.

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Yellowhead to Yellowstone (CD)
and other Love Stories

A tough time for Ian Tyson yields an important new album of touching, heartfelt songs. Now, thanks to a stubborn virus, Tyson has what he calls “a new voice”— grainier, grittier, and different from his former sound. The last two years have been a time of dramatic change in the life of the iconic songwriter Ian Tyson. Going through a difficult divorce and another broken love affair, he faced his 75th birthday in September with a mixture of satisfaction and regret. Tyson’s new songs reflect these two difficult years as he faces the prospect of his senior years. “Growing old is not for wimps,” he says—and his legion of fans will understand and fight the future with him. This is his frst albums of new songs since 2005.

Yellowhead to Yellowstone / Fiddler Must be Paid / Lioness / Ross Knox / Blaino's Song / Estrangement / My Cherry Coloured Rose / Bill Kane / Go This Far / Love Never Comes At All

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The Gift (CD)
A Tribute to Ian Tyson

Various Artist:
Four Stong Winds-Blue Rodeo / MC Horses-Corb Lund / Blue mountains or Mexico-Jenifer Warnes / What Does She See-Chris Hillman / Red Velvet-Gordan Lightfoot / The Gift-David Rea / Range Delivery-Cindy Church / Smuggler’s Cove-The McDades / Some Kind Of Fool-Amos Garrett / Old Cheyenne-Tom Russell / Someday Soon-The Circus In Flames With Buddy Cage / Will James-Ramblin’ Jack Elliott / You’re Not Alone Anymore-Stewart MacDougall / Summer Wages-The Good Brothers / Moondancer-Jeff Bradshaw
This is a very special CD created to honor Ian Tyson and almost 50 years of songwriting. Each artist sings from the heart. Packed in a tri-fold decorated with Charlie Russell sketches, includes stories on each artist and song all done to the highest quality. This is truly a remarkable tribute to a very gifted man Ian Tyson. You will be thrilled to have it in your collection as well.

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All the Good 'Uns (CD)

The Wonder Of It All / Alberta’s Child / Irving Berlin (is 100 yrs old today) / M.C.Horses / Springtime In Alberta / Jaquima To Freno / Navajo Rug / Claude Dallas / Magpie / The Steeldust Line / Rockies Turn Rose / Alcohol In The Bloodstream / The Old Double Diamond / Barrel Racing Angel / Casey Tibbs / Will James / Fifty Years Ago / ‘Til The Circle is Through / The Gift

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And Stood There Amazed (CD)

Black Nights / Lights Of Laramie / Jaquima To Freno / Springtime In Alberta / Non-Pro Song / Milk River Ridge / Rocks Begin To Roll / Jack Link / You’re Not Alone / Magpie / Home On The Range

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Cowboyography (CD)

Springtime / Navajo Rug / Summer Wages / Fifty Years Ago / Rockies Turn Rose / Claude Dallas / Own Heart’s Delight / The Gift / Cowboy Pride / Old Cheyenne / The Coyote & The Cowboy

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Eighteen Inches of Rain (CD)

Horsethief Moon / Big Horns / Heartaches Are Stealin' / Rodeo Road / Eighteen Inches of Rain / M.C. Horses / Chasin' the Moon / Nobody Thought It Would / Old House / Alcohol in the Bloodstream / Old Corrals and Sagebrush / "Til the Circle is Through

Circle D Western Price: $14.99




I Outgrew the Wagon (CD)

Cowboys Don’t Cry / Casey Tibbs / I Outgrew The Wagon / Arms Of Corey Jo / Adelita Rose / Irving Berlin (is 100 years old today) / Since The Rain / The Wind In The Wire / Four Strong Winds / The Banks Of The Musselshell / The Steeldust Line

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Live at Longview (CD)

Navajo Rug / Old Corrals and Sagebrush / Desert Motel / I Outgrew the Wagon / Jerry Ambler / Sorta Together / Fifty Years Ago / Someday Soon / Smugglers Cove / Casey Tibbs / Blue Moon / Somewhere in the Rubies / M.C. Horses / Horsethief Moon / Little High Plains Town / Bob Fudge / Magpie

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Lost Herd (CD)

Brahmas and Mustangs / Lost Herd / Summer's Gone / Smugglers Cove / Blue Mountains of Mexico / Roll On Owyhee / Legends of Cutting / La Primera / Elko Blues-The Roan Mare / Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Circle D Western Price: $15.49




Old Corrals and Sagebrush
& Other Cowboy Culture Classics (CD)

Alberta’s Child / The Old Double Diamond / Windy Bill / Montana Waltz / Whoopee Ti Yi Yo / Leavin’ Cheyenne / Gallo De Cielo / Old Corrals And Sagebrush / Old Alberta Moon / Diamond Joe / Night Rider’s Lament / Tom Blasingame / Sierra Peaks / Colorado Trail / Hot Summer Tears / What Does She See / Rocks Begin To Roll / Will James / Murder Steer

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Ol' Eon (CD)

Some Kind of Fool / Bad Times Were So Easy / Blueberry Susan / Sam Bonnifield’s Saloon / If She Just Helps Me / Lord, Lead Me Home / Great Canadian Tour / She’s My Greatest Blessing / Spanish Johnny / The Girl Who Turned Me Down / The North Saskatchewan / Love Can Bless The Soul of Anyone

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One Jump Ahead of the Devil (CD)

What Does She See / One Jump Ahead of the Devil / Beverly / Turning Thirty / Newtonville Waltz / Lone Star & Coors / One Too Many / Texas, I Miss You / Good-ness of Shirley / Freddie Hall / Half Mile of Hell

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Songs from the Gravel Road (CD)

This is My Sky / Land of Shining Mountains / The Ambler Saddle / Love Without End / Silver Bell / Road to Las Cruces / Range Delivery / So No More / One Morning in May / Always Saying Goodbye / Moisture / Casey's Gone

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Ian & Sylvia



Best of the Vanguard Years (CD)

Early Morning Rain / The Circle Game / For Lovin' Me / You Were On My Mind / Four Strong Winds / Some Day Soon / Ninety Degrees By Ninety Degrees / The Mighty Quinn / Cutty Wren / Short Grass / Un Canadien Errant / When I Was A Cowboy / Changes / Gifts Are For Getting / Satisfied Mind / Keep On The Sunny Side / Play One More / Rocks and Gravel / Come In Stranger / Nancy Whiskey / This Wheel's On Fire / The Renegade / Mary Anne / Oh Katy Dear / The Greenwood Side (The Cruel Mother)

Circle D Western Price: $15.99




Live at Newport (CD)

Introduction: Ed McCurdy / Oh Katy Dear / Un Canadien Errant / V'le Le Bon Vent / The Greenwood Sidie (The Cruel Mother) / Royal Canal / CC Rider / Red Velvet / Song For Canada / Travelling Drummer / Someday Soon / Play One More / You Were On My Mind / Maude's Blues (Losing Is An Easy Game) / Four Strong Winds

Circle D Western Price: $15.99




Lovin' Sound / Full Circle (CD)

Windy Weather / Hand On To A Dream / I Don't Believe You / Where Did All The Love Go? / Mr. Spoons / National Hotel / Sunday / Pilgrimage To Paradise / Reason To Believe / Big River / Trilogy / Lovin' Sound

Here's To You / I Learned From Leah / Women's World / Mr. Spoons / Shinbone Alley / Please Think / Stories He'd Tell / Jickson Johnson / Tears of Rage / The Minstral

Circle D Western Price: $16.99




Nashville (CD)

The Might Quinn / Wheels On Fire / Farewell to the North / Taking Care of Business / Southern Comfort / Ballad of the Ugly Man / Ninety Degrees by Ninety Degrees / She'll Be Gone / London Life / The Renegade / House of Cards

Circle D Western Price: $14.99




The Beginning of the End (CD)

More Often Than Not / Creators of Rain / Summer Wages / Midnight / Barney / Some Kind of Fool / Shark and the Cockroach / Last Lonely Eagle / Lincoln Freed Me / Needle of Death / Everybody Has To Say Goodbye / Give It To The World / Jordan Station / Long Beach / Live Is Strange

Circle D Western Price: $22.49




The Complete Vanguard Studio Recordings (4 CD set)

CD One: Rocks and Gravel / Old Blue / CC Rider / Un Canadien Errant / Handsome Molly / Mary Anne / Pride of Petrovar / Makes A Long Time Man Feel Bad / Rambler Gambler / Down By The Willow Garden / Got No More Home Than A Dog / When First Unto This Country / Live A Humble / Jesus Met The Woman At The Well / Tomorrow Is A Long Time / Katy Dear / Poor Lazarus / Four Strong Winds / Ella Speed / Long Lonesome Road / V'la L'bon Vent / Royal Canal / Lady Of Carlisle / Spanish Is A Loving Tongue / The Greenwood Sidie (The Cruel Mother) / Every Night When The Sun Goes Down
CD Two: You Were On My Mind / Moonshine Can / The Jealous Lover / Four Rode By / Brave Wolfe / Nova Scotia Farewell / Some Day Soon / Little Beggarman / Texas Rangers / The Ghost Lover / Captain Woodstock's Courtship / Swing Down, Chariot / Come In Stanger / Early Morning Rain / Nancy Whiskey / Awake Ye Drowsy Sleepers / Marlborough Street Blues / Darcy Farrow / Travelling Drummer / Maude's Blues / Red Velvet / I'll Bid My Heart Be Still / For Lovin' Me / Song For Canada
CD Three: Short Grass / The French Girl / When I Was A Cowboy / Changes / Gifts Are For Giving / Molly and Tenbrooks / Hey, What About Me / Lonely Girls / Satisfied Mind / Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa / Friends Of Mine / Play One More / Circle Game / So Much For Dreaming / Wild Geese / Child Apart / Summer Wages / Hold Tight / Cutty Wren / Si Les Bateaux / Catfish Blues / Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies / January Morning / Grey Morning
CD Four: The Mighty Quinn / Wheels On Fire / Farewell To The North / Taking Care of Business / Southern Comfort / Ballad Of The Ugly Man / Ninety Degrees By Ninety Degrees / She'll Be Gone / London Life / The Renegade / House Of Cards / Every Time I Feel The Spirit / Keep On The Sunny Side / Rocks and Gravel / Je T'aime Marielle

Circle D Western Price: $36.99




Vanguard Visionaries (CD)

Four Strong Winds / Some Day Soon / Early Morning Rain / Circle Game / You Were On My Mind / Katy Dear / The Mighty Quinn / Tomorrow Is a Long Time / For Lovin' Me / Changes

Circle D Western Price: $14.99



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