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Rudolph's Night Off
This grown-up kid’s book is a cross between, The Night Before Christmas by Clement Moore, The Grinch who stole it by Dr. Suess and Shrek’s donkey goes to the North Pole!
Not yet, but soon to be a classic Christmas favorite, Rudolph’s Night Off!
Spectacularly, colorashusly, auroraborealisously illustrated by Baxter’s brother-in-law, Bill, to light up the faces of those of us who still believe that reindeer (and goats) can fly!
It is overflowing with fun & funny, grandmother approved, candy cane sticky-finger proof and memorizable by kids who want something unique for the Christmas play!

Includes a BONUS DVD of Baxter reciting Rudolph’s Night Off, with Rudolph’s stunt double!
32 pages • Hardcover • Illustrated

Circle D Western Price: $19.95

Lessons From a Desperado Poet
For those of you gracious readers who attempt to follow Baxter’s voluminous writing . . . this summer he has thrown us a curve. In response to the recession he has written an entrepreneurial, self-help book that might actually spark a positive idea in your brain to help ride out the storm. Of course it is hilariously autobiographical as Baxter digs himself in and out on the muddy road to become a modestly successful poet and self-marketer.

“It’s instructional for the entrepreneur, inspirational for the ambitious, and entertainig for the teeming masses . . . Desperado Poet leaves a trail of self-improvement and motivational tortilla crumbs that readers will follow with delight-before, that is, squirreling them away in their own cerebral pockets for later use.”

Circle D Western Price: $22.95



The Back Page

For more than 15 years, many Western Horseman readers have begun their journeys through each issue by, strangely enough, starting at the back. That's because, during those years, the back page has been occupied by the humorous ramblings of America's best-selling comedic veterinarian, Baxter Black. This book is a collection of these observations, accompanied by the original illustrations that appeared in the magazine. This look back at 15 years of the best of Baxter is sure to bring smiles to the faces of cowboy philosophers everywhere.

Circle D Western Price: $21.95




The World According to Baxter Black:
Quips, Quirks & Quotes
156 page Hardcover Book

This brand new 156 page hardcover book from Baxter is a crossbred collection of cowboy slight of hand, humor, and perspective. It’s filled with Baxter’s vaguely skewed philosophical observations, and heavily embellished with authentic cowboy cartoons by A-10! Thoughts as deep as a boot heel in the mud, as handy as pockets in your underwear, and poignant as foxtail in a dog’s ear. Does horseradish make fishes eyes water? Why do dogs roll in horse manure? And, why don’t cows have prehensile lips? This little book will come short of making you think profound thoughts, and that’s not bad when you’re texting. “ . . . a collection of mental pictures, slippery alliterations, verbal hors d’oeuvres and a trail of broken consonants that may miss the point, but still lead you on to the next page.” - Baxter Black

Circle D Western Price: $15.95





Hey, Cowgirl, Need a Ride?
320 page hardcover book

Hey, Cowgirl, Need a Ride? is a edge-of-your-seat page turner!  It's the story of down on his luck, ex-rodeo champ, Lick, who finds his mundane life turned upside down when career party girl, Teddie Arizona literally drops out of the sky into his hands.  On the run from a rich guy, who is not technically her husband, TA slams into a remote cow camp.  Suddenly ol' Al and Lick are knee-deep in a high rolling secret.  Along the way there are roped helicopters, kidnappings, gorillas, true love, cockeyed schemes, men of character and Twenty Miles of Duct Tape! This tale of adventure, intrigue and romance gallops to a thunderously satisfying conclusion!

Circle D Western Price: $18.95





Hey, Cowboy, Wanna Get Lucky?
228 page Soft Cover Novel

Baxter's first novel. "Hey, Cowboy" is a story about two rodeo cowboys and their adventures on the way to the National Finals Rodeo. That's what the story is about, but the book is about love - love of one's work, one's lifestyle, one's friends, and falling in love. Don't get me wrong. There's nothing sappy about this book. It's a wild and crazy, twisted and weird novel, unlike anything you've ever read.
Also available in Audio Cassette.

Circle D Western Price: $9.95





Hey, Cowboy, Wanna Get Lucky?
Unabridged Audio Book
Seven Compact Discs

Seven Compact Discs - Seven Hours

The biggest selling rodeo novel ever written is finally available in an unabridged audio set for the first time ever! A seven disc masterpiece that’s almost 450 miles of listenin’!

It’s the story of two cowboys, Lick and Cody, as they travel the rodeo circuit toward the National Finals. Adventure, romance, a renegade porcupine, Pinto the hard-luck genie, the eliminator bull Kamikaze and MORE await our heroes in this edge - of - your- seat cowboy thrill ride read by Baxter.

Circle D Western Price: $19.95





A Cowful of Cowboy Poetry
224 page Hardcover Book / Illustrated

Hardback collection of Baxter's cowboy poetry, stories and philosophical observations.
Baxter describes his writings as mostly humorous, occasionally political, and accidentally informative. Regardless, they remain true to his western heritage, his agricultural upbringing, and those stubborn, dedicated, honorable folks who make a living off the land and give him purpose. To truly appreciate his perspective it helps to understand the cowboy mentality. It can best be demonstrated by the joke wherein the cowboy holds his hand up in front of his face, palm to his nose, looks out over his fingers, and says, "Bet you can't hit my hand before I move it." The illustrations in the book are cleverly, colorfully done by a card table full of ink wielding cowboy cartoonists charged with the responsibility of making Baxter look good. They try.

Circle D Western Price: $19.95





Coyote Cowboy Poetry
208 page Hardcover Book

This is where it all started... A winning combination of Baxter's first three soft cover books, plus a pile of additional material that had never before been published in book form and voilà! It is now the biggest selling cowboy poetry book, ever!

Circle D Western Price: $19.95





Croutons on a Cow Pie, Vol. II
208 page Hardcover Book

This book is Baxter's 2nd hardback collection. A second helping, you might say. In an effort to confuse you, we combined these popular soft covers; Croutons on a Cow Pie, Cowboy Standard Time, and The Buckskin Mare, plus 45 new pieces never before presented in a book form. Charlie Marsh, Dave Holl, Don Gill, and Bob Black have added their own unique interpretations of Baxter's wit with their illustrations. It makes it tough for readers, though..."Do I look at the pictures first, or read the poem first?"

Circle D Western Price: $19.95





Horseshoes, Cowsocks & Duckfeet
256 page Hardcover Book / Illustrated

The world's best selling cowboy poet and public radio's favorite former large animal veterinarian, Baxter Black, is back in the saddle with a hilarious new roundup of essays, commentaries and campfire verse that speaks to the cowboy soul in us all. Drawn in part from Baxter's wildly popular NPR commentaries and syndicated columns, Horseshoes, Cowsocks & Duckfeet offers a generous helping of his tender yet irreverent, sage-as-sagebrush takes on everything from ranching, roping, Wrangler Jeans, and rodeos to weddings and romance, the love of a good dog, dancing, parenting, cooking up trouble and the weather!

Circle D Western Price: $18.95





Ag Man - The Comic Book
92 page Soft Cover Book / Illustrated

For those who may be alarmed by the term "comic book" breathe easy. It actually has some substance, maybe not educational, but certainly informative, humorous, and stickery. Written at an adult level but aimed at teens, storylines pit Ag Man and his able assistants, Farm Boy and Corn Silk, against a series of animal rights lunatics, media trouble makers, self serving ecodestructionists, locusts, market manipulators, and bioterrorists.

Circle D Western Price: $8.50





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