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Blazin' Bloats & Cows on Fire!
The Double CD

Two Compact Discs-Over Two Hours

This is Baxterís latest collection of cowboy poetry and tall tales taken from his book by the same name. The title should give you a clue that itís not about the lonesome pine, the Red River Valley, or the cattle call, unless they are on fire, flooded, or stampeding like lemmings!

Features favorite selections like, Sixty Foot Rope, Taxidermy Heifer, Blaziní Bloats, Women Weariní Chaps, and Lucky to be an American. Also includes never before released audio versions of Baxter Black classics not found in the book, such as, I Know Youíll Miss This Man and The Flag. Several selections recorded at a live performance! Over 2 hours of cowboy hilarity!

Circle D Western Price: $19.95





Hey, Cowboy, Wanna Get Lucky?
Unabridged Audio Book
Seven Compact Discs

Seven Compact Discs - Seven Hours

The biggest selling rodeo novel ever written is finally available in an unabridged audio set for the first time ever! A seven disc masterpiece thatís almost 450 miles of listeniní!

Itís the story of two cowboys, Lick and Cody, as they travel the rodeo circuit toward the National Finals. Adventure, romance, a renegade porcupine, Pinto the hard-luck genie, the eliminator bull Kamikaze and MORE await our heroes in this edge - of - your- seat cowboy thrill ride read by Baxter.

Circle D Western Price: $19.95





Baxter Blacks NPR CDs (Double CD)

Disk One: Cowful / Romantic Cowboy / Cow Attack / A Pond Runs Through It / Only Ewes Can Prevent Wildfires / Landscaping / Moonrise / Truth in Labeling / Jan, Feb, Mud / Feast of Famine / A Wet Round Up / Bentley the Born Again Bull / C-Section / Triggernometry / Real Thing / My Friend Jack / It's the Law / Fear of Flying / Range Fire / Loose Cow / My Kinda Truck / Vern's Wreck / Duroc or Chardoney / Buffalo Tracks / Paradise on the Half Shell / Cajun Dance / AARP!
Disk Two: Border Collie Soliloquy / In the Dog House / Balin' Wheat / Cat Laws / Homeless Dogs / Just a Dog / Just Friends / Kids / First Dance / A Parent's Thoughts at Graduation / Cowboy's Advice for the Lovelorn / The Vegetarian Cookbook for Cowboys / March Madness / The Consultant / Tombstone of Canaan / Part Indian / Helpless / Big, High, and Lonesome / He Sang, "Little Joe the Wrangler" / A Turkey's Thoughts at Thanksgiving / Wee Thanksgiving / Goose Season / Rudolph's Night Off / All I Want for Christmas / First Christmas Cowboy Style / Is There Really a Santa Claus / Religious Reflections / Just Words

Circle D Western Price: $19.95





Baxter Black's Double CD

Disk One: Stockshow Monologue / Cow Committee / Silent Partner / Talk About Tough / Vanishing Breed / Big High and Lonesome / Colorado Cowboy / Tex and His Ex-Toe / Take Care of Yer Friends / Super Salesman / Fixin' the Outhouse / The Accident / Sellin' Prewitt's Cow / Vegetarian's Nightmare / Time to Stay / Buckskin Mare
Disk Two: Telephone Poles / Cowboy Time / Cow Attack / Fetal Eye View / Vet'inary's Laundry / Dunny and the Duck / Oyster / Header or Heeler / Junior / One More Year / Range Fire / AARP! / Could be Worse / Ol' Duffy / He Sang "Little Joe the Wrangler" / The Dog and the Rabbit

Circle D Western Price: $19.95





Elko! A Cowboy's Gathering
featuring Baxter Black (Double CD)

Recorded live January 2004 at the 20th annual National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada. A 2 disk recording featuring songs, stories, and poetry by: J. B. Allen - Oscar Auker - Virginia Bennett - Long John Best - Baxter Black - J. V. Brummels - Jon Chandler - John C. Dofflemyer - Ruthie Dornfeld - Don Edwards - Michael Fleming - Peggy Godfrey - Skip Gorman & The Waddie Pals - Janine Haig - R. W. Hampton - Brenn Hill - Hot Club of Cowtown - Jill Jones & The Lone Star Chorale - Walt LaRue - Lyn Messersmith - Wally McRae - Waddie Mitchell - Michael Martin Murphey & The American Buckaroo Orchestra - Joel Nelson - Rodney Nelson - Rich & Valerie O'Brien - Glenn Ohrlin - Henry Real Bird - Randy Rieman - Tom Russell with Andrew Hardin - Georgie Sicking - Sons of the San Joaquin - Jesse Smith - Sourdough Slim - Red Steagall - Ian Tyson - David Wilkie & Denise Withnell - Andy Wilkinson - Wylie & The Wild West - Paul Zarzyski
Sample Tracks:
Baxter on Elko - Baxter Black / Ay Ay Ay - Rich & Valerie O'Brien / The Elevator Scale - Rodney Nelson / We the Poets - Virginia Bennett / Jerry Ambler - Ian Tyson with Gord Maxwell & Gord Matthews / Square Head - Walt LaRue

Circle D Western Price: $19.50





The Bruneau Stallion (CD)
Jim Schafer sings songs of Baxter Black

The Bruneau Stallion / A Painted Horse / Ready to Face Losing You / Write Me a Letter / I'll Guarantee You Bad News / I've Got No Business Missin' You This Way / Two Times Zero is Nothin' / Tumblin' Down / Pieces of Saturday's Love / Pickin' Up Pop Bottles / No Strings Attached / I Don't Blame Myself / The Dog Fights

Circle D Western Price: $12.45





Cowboy Mentality plus "The Big One That Got Away Blues"

Disk One: Cowboy Mentality / All Ranch Rodeo / Cowboy Bride / Veterinary Diagnostic Voice Mail / Border Collie Soliloquy / Shoein' Pigeye / Horse Mumbler / Prolapse from the Black Lagoon / Calving Nighty / Grafting Calves / Night Man in the Heifer Lot / It's What I Do / Frank and Flynt / My Kinda Truck - Car Wash / Duck and Run Olympics / Cajun Dance / Keep it Cowboy
Disk Two: The Big One That Got Away Blues / Hunter's Son / Diana, Goddess of the Hunt / Deer Rasslin' / Goose Season / Chicken Run / Demon Chili / Hunting Camp Cook / Outfitters Jerky / Elk Hunt / Visiting Dogs / Ol' Rookie / Wilderness Wall / The Toast / Trouting / Perfect Gift / Cowboy Ghost Story / Cowboy's Curse

Two CD Pack
Circle D Western Price:19.95




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