Louis L'Amour
America's Favorite Storyteller





The Wild, Wild West of
Louis L'Amour
The Illustrated Guide to Cowboys, Indians, Gunslingers, Outlaws and Texas Rangers
Hardcover Book

A beautifully illustrated tribute to the people, places, and events that inspired the west's most prolific novelist.
Includes more than 150 specially researched, color illustrations.
Explores through detailed text and illustrations the authentic settings, weapons and equipment, and characters that populated L'Amour's world.
Features a comprehensive glossary of terminology, plus a special movie glossary that provides a definitive listing of the films based on Louis L'Amour's novels and stories.
Brings the Old West of Louis L'Amour alive to the reader that enriches the experience of his books.

List Price: $18.00
Circle D Western Price: $15.99




High Lonesome (Paperback Book)

Dangerous decision...Considine and Pete Runyon had once been friends, back in the days when both were cowhands.  But when Runyon married the woman Considine loved, the two men parted ways.  Runyon settled down and took on the sheriff's job.  Considine took up robbing banks.  Now Considine is planning a raid on the bank at Obaro-a plan the will pit him against Runyon...and lead to riches or suicide.  The one thing he never counted on was meeting a strong, beautiful woman and her stubborn father, hell-bent on traveling alone through Apache territory to a new life.  And suddenly, Considine must choose between revenge and redemption...and either choice could be the last one he makes.

Circle D Western Price: $4.25




The Cherokee Trail (Paperback Book)

A woman's place...They said that no woman could run a stagecoach station on the perilous Cherokee Trail.  But Mary Breydon was out to prove them wrong.  Widowed on the journey west, she was determined to build a new life for herself and her daughter.  To those who came face-to-face with her-from the men who tried to scare her off to the mysterious gunman who would stand by her side-she was soon known as a woman whose beauty matched her courage.  Yet not everyone admired Mary Breydon.  Jason Flandrau, his past soaked in blood and his sights set on the governorship of the Colorado Territory, knew that only one thing stood in his way...a woman with a gun on the Cherokee Trail.

Circle D Western Price: $4.25




The Ferguson Rifle (Paperback Book)

Riding into death...An educated man, Ronan chantry came to the western plains with nothing to lose.  He carried with him his handwrought rifle and a legacy of pride tarnished by tragedy.  In the land of the Cheyenne, Chantry found himself in the middle of a violent mystery.  A long-lost treasure was fueling a desperate struggle between a dangerous man and a woman on the run.  But when Chantry and his Ferguson rifle take sides, the struggle turns deadly.  A civilized man, Chantry must find the fierce and reckless courage in his heart...or die at the hand of a man who will do anything-kill anyone-for the flitter of gold.

Circle D Western Price: $4.25




The Man from Skibbereen (Paperback Book)

In search of a new frontier...Crispin Mayo was a reckless young brawler who'd left his tiny fishing village for the vast American frontier.  Headed out west to join a railroad construction crew, he came upon an isolated station...and a mystery.  The small shack was abandoned, but fresh blood spattered the floor, and the telegraph clicked away untended.  When Mayo stepped inside and put a hand to the telegraph key, he had no way of knowing the course of his life would change forever-that he would become entangled with a vicious band of Civil War veterans with a score to settle against to government...and a feisty young woman who'd risk anything to save the people she loved.  And now Chris Mayo, who never backed away from a battle, is up for the fight of his life.

Circle D Western Price: $4.25




The Man from the Broken Hills (Paperback Book)

Blood on the hills...Milo Talon traced his roots from two proud fighting clans; the Talons and the Sacketts.  For the past three years he'd been riding the Outlaw Trail, looking for a man named Rossiter who'd betrayed a trust with his kin.  Sure enough, he tracked down Hank Rossiter only to find he wasn't the man he'd been.  Suddenly Talon found himself in the middle of a range war and siding with the man he'd marked for payback.  But had Rossiter really changed?  For Milo, getting to the truth meant the long hard fight a man must make to separate his enemies from his friends-and forgiveness from revenge.

Circle D Western Price: $4.25





The Quick and the Dead (Paperback Book)

Duncan McKaskel was a realist.  When he decided to move his family west, he knew he would face dangers, and he was prepared for them.  He knew about the exhausting terrain, he was expecting the punishing elements, he had planned on avoiding starvation with a rifle and a steady hand.  What he hadn't planned on was having to use the rifle against other men-men as hardened and hungry as he was, and twice as cold.  But bandits were only part of his worries.  For a mysterious stranger, Con Vallian, had appeared on the trail one night and saved his life.  But was the man's kindness just part of a plan to steal something much more valuable?  Was his true interest Duncan's wife, Susanna?  And more important, how did Susanna feel about Vallian?  Now Duncan must discover who is the greater threat-the thieves outside his camp, or the enigmatic stranger within?

Circle D Western Price: $4.25




The Shadow Riders (Paperback Book)

Ride through shadow of death... Dal and Mac Traven left Texas young and idealistic. They came back from opposite sides of a living hell, a war that had torn a nation in two. They wanted only to reclaim their old lives, but one man held their future hostage. Colonel Henry T. Ashford had gathered an army of killers and renegades, leading them on a path of destruction and kidnapping through Texas to the Gulf. Among Ashford's captives were the Travens' sister and Dal's tough-minded girlfriend, Kate. Now Mac and Dal must take up arms once again and ride against Ashford's army - with the courage and guns to fight another war, if that's what it takes to win the freedom of the women they love.

Circle D Western Price: $4.25




War Party (Paperback Book)

Tales of the frontier...Bud Miles was a boy when he crossed the Mississippi.   But Bud buried his father after an Indian attack, and as the wagon train pushed on through Sioux country, the boy stood as tall as any man...Tell Sackett killed cougars at fourteen and fought a war at fifteen.  Now Tell was hauling dangerous freight-a soldier's wife and a fortune in gold-knowing that someone wanted him dead...Laurie Bonnet was a mail-order bride who thought she was a failure on the frontier.  But when the chips were down, she was the only one who could save her husband's life.

Circle D Western Price: $4.25




Westward the Tide (Paperback Book)

Die rich...The promise was gold, a lot of it, waiting in the Big Horn Mountains.  The plan was to head out with a handpicked party and nothing but the best in wagons, stock, and goods.  Matt Bardoul bought in because the girl he wanted was there.  But the tall, rugged man in the buckskin sensed there was something wrong even before someone tried to warn him off-and someone else tried to gun him down.  Sure enough, as the wagon train journeys westward, a deadly plot unfolds.  Now Bardoul is the only man standing between innocent people and a brutal conspiracy of greed, lust, and cold-blooded murder.

Circle D Western Price: $4.25



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