Ragan Gennusa


Fresh out of college, Ragan Gennusa turned down a job offer for $900 a month in favor of a $400 job as an artist for an Austin, Texas printing company.

He then took a low-paying job as a staff artist for the Texas Parks and Wildlife. While working there, Ragan painted subjects of his own choosing at night and on weekends. Having been promoted to supervisor of the Art Department, the drudgery of administrative work took its toll, and he quit the agency and signed an exclusive contract with an Austin Art Gallery. This gave him the time to concentrate on his art which improved dramatically.

"One of the things I like about art is that you never quit learning and you keep improving. You shouldn't get in a rut or bored because there's always a new, more challenging element to conquer. My art career has been a long process of learning."

Ragan was selected 1985-86 State Artist of Texas. His work is collected nationwide.



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"Climbing through the Cold"


Cold Creek Canyon

"Cold Creek Canyon"




"Distant Thunder"


"Evening Light"


"Little Paint Creek"


"Lone Star Legacy"


"Los Caballos"


"Pinto Pardners"





"Texas Trails"





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