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Delbert "Black Fox" Pomani: Sacred Medicine Guide Us Home (CD)
Harmonized Peyote Songs

Performed with gourd rattle and water drum, peyote songs accompany the introspective ceremonies of the Native American Church. Delbert "Black Fox" Pomani, a full-blood Hunkpapa Lakota from the Crow Creek Reservation, is a respected Road Man and peyote singer. These spiritual songs, most of which are harmonized, are meant to guide one's spiritual journey along the Peyote Road.

List Price: $16.00
Circle D Western Price: $13.99





Sacred Spirit II (CD)
More Chants and Dances of the Native Americans

Gods & Heroes / Looking Far North / Dela Dela / Land of Promise / The State of Grace / Yane - Heja - Hee / A - La - Ke / May You Walk in Sunshine / The Spirit / O - Loa - Ki - Lee / That Noble Dream / The Sad Eyed Chief

List Price: $16.00
Circle D Western Price: $13.99





Brule: We the People (CD)
A Tribal Gathering of Music

Sacred Praises / Brave Hearts / Buffalo Moon / Dream Shield / Dancing Feathers / Spirit Horses / Vision Circle / We the People / A Warrior's Song / Red Path / Firedancer / Lakota Forever

List Price: $17.00
Circle D Western Price: $14.99




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